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AI-ML-NLP, Product, Research, UX, UI, Interaction, Visual and Visualisation

Services / Product Designer, UX Designer, Interaction Designer, Data Visualiser



Life is designed yet we design it.

It's part of designed life.

Intrinsic skills of creativity passioned me to art, design and technology.

With varied and multifaceted end-to-end product design skills and experiences, I transform data insights and users/customers' needs into super simple and natural experiences. Designer, creator, innovator and mentor. With design values I work with various cross-functional teams to plan, craft and develop the successful products and experiences.

Design Polymath  

36.7783°N 119.4179°W   


Design has been mpassion, education and profession.

Since early age I have loved to build. Building my toys and tools, painting, drawing on every blank piece of paper, my journey of learning and polishing design skills started from 'Bachelor of Architecture' in Building design, Interior design, Furniture design and 'Master of Design' an advance design course in Product Design, Interaction Design from the top-notch colleges and Institutes.  


My innovated e-steward (an interactive system for restaurants) in 2006, received huge attention in the media and won a prestigious international A' Design Award, in 2012 in Milan, Italy for the best interaction and system design innovation. Working with technology companies sharpened my multifaceted design skills in design vision, strategy, artificial intelligence, user experience, interaction design, data visualisation, visual design, user interface, communication and design craft leadership. My designed mobile and web products are making good commercial values and impacts in the market. I have been honoured with various design awards and recognitions at institutional, organisational and global levels.

Being a passion driven, innovation motivated and business aligned Design Polymath with design skills of AI, research, user experience, interaction design, system design, analytics, data visualisation, UI, visual design and innovation, I do research, analyse, strategise, structure, design, document, collaborate, develop, launch products and meet the users, customers and business goals by keeping track on success metrics. I contribute earnest growth to business and make user tasks and product usage easiest by designing natural, simple and innovative products.

Skills Spectrum

Designer who excels anempathises the

business and users both.

Product Design

User Research

UX Strategy

UX Design

Interaction Design

Data Visualization

Visual Design

System Design

Motion Design


AI ML UX Design

UI Design


Innovate Experience

Tools Expertise

Pen paper. 

Thtools of



Circle    Expertise Level 

Border  Usage Frequency

Wide range of tools expertise to communicate design and vision.

Expert in most trending tools of product designs to process the innovative vision and to create the product experiences.

universe 7

Design Background

Designed end-to-end enterprise products . AI-ML features and functions . Designed and developed 'Design System'  A' Design Award for interaction design Milan Italy . Opus Design Award for sense glasses, Fukui, Japan . e-Steward - Innovation of an interactive system for restaurants and hospitality industry . Best Shot Photography Award, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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