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Creation, Design and Experience

What is the difference between creation and design? Is that all creations are designs and all designs are creations? Creation which has no purpose, could be called design? How do creation, design and experience are related?

It is known that to bring anything in existence is a creation. Now what is the nature of ‘Existence’ is a big topic of discussion and I am moving forward with my thought that “Anything which could be perceived by the brain is in existence”. People, animals, plants, products, feelings, experiences etc. all exist. Humans, animals, plants all are creations and more or less creators too. They all create something.

Creation could be intentional, unintentional, with purpose, without purpose, have users and have no users.

In ancient times, people used coconut hard shells to collect and drink water. This was creation, creation of a mug and at the first time when this idea of holding water apart from ‘hollowed palm’ was cerebrated, was an innovation. After that it’s all about design. Degree of thought to create this mug may seem minimal in today’s time but it was an innovation. Now, getting inspired by that idea and continuing to add experiences ( like carrying, washing, steady stand, aesthetic, ergonomics to hold, surface thickness to sip, size, weight etc. ) and create a highly usable mug is a design.

The whole journey of idea from coconut shell to earthen cup to designer’s cup is a creation and continuum enhancement in experiences is design.

Creation is a process which may include all — innovation, design and experience. Creation, design and experience precede each other in a process and could be visualised as below.

When a raindrop or sand grain creates a pearl, is it intentional? Is it a design? Pearl is a beautiful creation but not a design. Refining, polishing pearl and making beautiful ornaments are designs. Making the pearls usable is design. Natural pearls are created and cultured pearls are designed.

Design is a creation which is intentional, thoughtful, and has purpose, loaded with experiences. All designs are a creation but all creations are not a design. Creation is not bound to have the human touch but design is. Creation could be natural, developed or manufactured. It may or may not serve a purpose. But designs are developed, manufactured and a process to make creations more meaningful. In the design process, experiences are added to make the product more natural. Natural experiences mean great products.

Though the user experiences always existed but its existence is realised bit late after innovation, create and design. Great designs are great because they serve great experiences apart from needs. Designing great experiences is the key aspect of great designs, so of great creations.

Thank you!


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